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What We Offer?

We are a friendly and talented group of Chassidic Families from New York, who made it our mission to travel all around the Country to your Community, Shul, Campus, or Shtetl, to bring you a Shabbaton of a lifetime! Good old Fashioned Jewish Unity, Joyous singing and dancing, with Classic Chassidic Warmth and Spirit.


Latest News

Shabbos In The Shtetl '15
A uniquely uplifting shabbos in Money, NY where over 200 fans
and friends of the TC ...
The Shabbos Project 
The Rockland County Shabbos Project Havdalah Concert featured The Traveling Chassidim.   

From Shtreimel to knitted kippah, Jewish Unity reaches...


The joy of Judaism comes alive!  The Shabbaton event provides a model...

Classic Jewish Spirit.

Invigorate your community with some genuine Jewish spirit! 

Affiliated Organizations


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