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Rabbi R. Nemetzky

Rabbi Cong. Ohev Zedek

Principal of UH Institute

Wilkes-Berre, PA 

No one expected that the experience would be so enticing and consuming. Yet on Friday night and Shabbos day, we witnessed people of all ages singing and dancing with unbridled joy and inspiration... I cannot think of another time in my career, now approaching 25 years, that I have seen such eager anticipation for a return engagement...   


Rabbi S. Felzenberg

Chaplain (MJ) US Army

West Point 

Jewish Chapel  


 The event provided a true connection and bonding experience between West Point and the regional ultra-orthodox Jewish community, with the experience being mutually beneficial for both groups... The admiration and even affection shown by members of the [Traveling Chassidim] itself toward our cadets, was quite heart-warming, and I'm sure it impacted them in a most positive manner... 



Rabbi N. Segal

Cong. Sharei Simcha New Springville

Jewish Center

Staten Island, NY of the most beautiful, satisfying and outstanding Shabbosim in my 27 years as a Rabbi... Telling you that you have changed the lives of scores of Jews, would be a gross understatement! You have allowed them to experience Yiddishkeit with enthusiasm and joy... As one who travels to hundreds of communities... I can firmly state that it is because of people such as yourself that there is great cause for optimism, for the future of American Jewry...     



...far exceeded the expectation. You inspired the entire kehila with the davening, the words, the singing, the dancing, and perhaps most important, your genuine warmth and friendship. Without exaggeration, everyone who was there for the Shabbos and the Havdalah was uplifted and deeply grateful to all of you. 



Rabbi Dr. R. Bulka

Spiritual Leader Cong. M. Hadas, Ottawa Canada

Acclaimed Author of 35 Books on topics of Religion, Health, and Pshycoligy 

Moshe Abraham

IDF soldier

Combat Trainer


To tell you the truth, we're not religious... This was my first Shabbat experience... We had SO MUCH fun with you guys, we sang a lot of Shabbat songs... All I can say is thanks very much. Thanks for your support. I hope you're gonna come to Israel to celebrate with us! ... Now I need to have this experience every week!



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