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Rabbi R. Nemetzky

Rabbi Cong. Ohev Zedek

Principal of UH Institute

Wilkes-Berre, PA

No one expected that the experience would be so enticing and consuming. Yet on Friday night and Shabbos day, we witnessed people of all ages singing and dancing with unbridled joy and inspiration... I cannot think of another time in my career, now approaching 25 years, that I have seen such eager anticipation for a return engagement...   

Rabbi S. Felzenberg

Chaplain (MJ) US Army

West Point 

Jewish Chapel  

 The event provided a true connection and bonding experience between West Point and the regional ultra-orthodox Jewish community, with the experience being mutually beneficial for both groups... The admiration and even affection shown by members of the [Traveling Chassidim] itself toward our cadets, was quite heart-warming, and I'm sure it impacted them in a most positive manner... 

Rabbi N. Segal

Cong. Sharei Simcha New Springville

Jewish Center

Staten Island, NY 

one of the most beautiful, satisfying and outstanding Shabbosim in my 27 years as a Rabbi... Telling you that you have changed the lives of scores of Jews, would be a gross understatement! You have allowed them to experience Yiddishkeit with enthusiasm and joy... As one who travels to hundreds of communities... I can firmly state that it is because of people such as yourself that there is great cause for optimism, for the future of American Jewry

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Rabbi Dr. R. Bulka

Spiritual Leader Cong. M. Hadas, Ottawa Canada

Acclaimed Author of 35 Books on topics of Religion, Health, and Pshycoligy 

Far exceeded the expectation. You inspired the entire kehila with the davening, the words, the singing, the dancing, and perhaps most important, your genuine warmth and friendship. Without exaggeration, everyone who was there for the Shabbos and the Havdalah was uplifted and deeply grateful to all of you.

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Moshe Abraham

IDF soldier

Combat Trainer

To tell you the truth, we're not religious... This was my first Shabbat experience... We had SO MUCH fun with you guys, we sang a lot of Shabbat songs... All I can say is thanks very much. Thanks for your support. I hope you're gonna come to Israel to celebrate with us! ... Now I need to have this experience every week!

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Anonymous from Toronto

The article about the Traveling Chassidim in the Pesach Edition was FANTASTIC - a fun read, inspiring and empowering to see the difference a few men with an idea and some energy can make in the world. After reading it over pesach, I happened to meet a sweet young baalas teshuvah who had just begun her journey during COVID and as we were shmoozing, I asked her to tell me some things that really pushed her along in her journey. She told me a couple of things and then her eyes lit up and she goes, "OMG - and the Traveling Chassidim!!" She went on and on and you could see what electricity those guys pump into the people experiencing Shabbos with them. I smiled as she described it as, "they turned a normal Shabbos into a full bar mitzvah! It was crazy!" She then told me that she became close to one of the men's wives and they invited her to a Shabbos in Montreal. She took them up on the offer and could not stop raving about the warmth, the respect in their home and their "awesome cooking..." (that was describing the yapchik haha) 

Anyway, it was bashert that I would hear about it right after that article came out and just giving a shout out to those making a big difference in klal yisroel. Lots of hatzlacha :)

Rabbi Moshe Friedler

Ezra Academy

It was 12 years ago, after reading about the Traveling Chassidim in Mishpacha that I realized they were the answer I was looking for. For years, a year-end 4 day retreat in a camp upstate was the highlight of the kiruv efforts of our school, Ezra Academy (featured in Mishpacha # 677). Yet, things were beginning to feel stale and the atmosphere seemed to be lacking… something. I knew we had to try them out. So, a call was made, they were a hit and they’ve been part of our retreat ever since.

But something else happened about five years ago that drove home the point that you never know who’s being mashpia on who. For the last 8 years, one of the highlights of the retreat has been a Grand Siyum by the members of the “Ezra Kollel”. This is a group of boys who come a half hour early to school (!) two mornings a week to learn Gemara with their very talented Rebbi, Rabbi Elie Geller. Well over a dozen boys attend regularly enough to qualify as being mesayemim. It’s truly an astonishing sight.

Well, five years ago one of the Chassidim asked to speak at one of the Shabbos seudos. He described how inspired he was the previous year when these teenagers made their siyum and how he began to question himself. “I go to work every day and I work long hours, but how come they could make a siyum and I can’t. What’s my excuse? “, he said. “So,” he told us, “I made a commitment last year that I too would make a siyum at the next Ezra retreat”.  And then he pulled out a gemara and indeed made his own siyum!

R’ Aryeh and his chevra have been our partners for the last 12 years and we can’t wait for next month when we’ll be together again to inspire and be inspired.

Ms. Zak and the senior girls of Ezra Academy.

We would like to thank The Traveling Chassidim for creating a truly magical Shabbaton in Monsey forthe senior girls of Ezra Academy. The girls were so inspired by their host, Mrs. Esty Schwartz and her family, who treated each and every girl with so much warmth and acceptance from the moment they arrived until the moment they departed.

Upon arriving at the Schwartz’s residence, the feeling of Shabbos in their home was palpable. After an  inspirational Kabbolas Shabbos, and a delicious Shabbos Seuda hosted by the Schwartzes, the girls were in for a real treat. High school girls from BCG, facilitated by their principal Mrs. Retek, joined the Ezra girls for an inspiring Kumzitz and Oneg Shabbos. The girls from both high schools “clicked” right away as they stayed up talking through the night! The sight of Chassidim and Sephardi girls meeting, joining together, and sharing inspiration with each other was truly moving. The Ezra girls went to sleep Friday night feeling inspired both by the time they spent with Mrs. Esty Schwartz and her family, in addition to spending time with so many wonderful girls their age who were warm, insightful, and inspirational. One
girl said “This Shabbos gave me the strength to continue on the path that I’m trying to create for myself,
it was the push that I needed, and I’m forever grateful for this experience.”
Shabbos day was equally uplifting thanks to, Mrs. Esty Schwartz and her family, The Traveling Chassidim, and all the inspirational women who joined the Shabbaton. After a lovely Shabbos Seuda graciously hosted by the Schwartzes, the girls were treated to an uplifting Shalosh Seudos in the home of Mrs. Esther Yenti Noe. There, the girls were enthralled by the life story of Mrs. Rivka Heller, and enjoyed spending time and learning from Mrs. Gelbman. The girls left Shalosh Seudos feeling inspired, and on a high. A true highlight of the Shabbos was being able to hear Havdallah and receive personal brachos from the Nikolsburg Rebbe, thanks to the involvement of Rabbi Royde who facilitated the meeting. The girls were all moved to tears as they were in awe of being in the presence of the tzaddik. The girls felt
fortunate to have been able to have had such an incredible experience.
Their Shabbaton didn’t end with Havdallah- Motzei Shabbos was meaningful, fun, and exciting as well. As the girls enjoyed a Melavah Malka of pizza and fries at the Schwartz’s home, they also participated in simcha dancing led by Mrs. Yocheved Hirsch. Thank you to Mrs. Rivky Kornhauser, Mrs. Esther Yenti Noe, and the high school girls of BCG for coming over and joining in the dancing!
The girls sang and danced through the night and left Monsey on a true spiritual high! As one girl said in tears on her way out, “this Shabbos has been the highlight of my life!”. Another girl said, “This Shabbos will have a positive effect on the choices we will make for the rest of our lives”
We would like to give a tremendous thank you to The Traveling Chassidim, Mrs. Esty Schwartz and her
family, and all the women who gave their time over Shabbos, each of whom made this an unforgettable

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Mrs. Yocheved Fischer

Be'er Hagolah InstitutesJudaic Studies Principal

Dear Rabbi Royde,

This is Mrs. Yocheved Fischer, the principal of Be'er Hagolah Institutes. When Esty Schwartz reached out to me about making a shabbaton, I really didn't know what to expect. I have to say it was truly a pleasure to work with her the whole time. Esty and by extension the whole organization, has been so generous and courteous throughout. The seven lucky students and two chaperones that were lucky enough to go to Monsey and be with the Schwartz family have not stopped telling me what an uplifting and amazing Shaboos they had. Each part of Shabos was warm, plentiful and wholesome. I look forward to partnering with The Traveling Chasidim in the future both with the girls and boys departments. May Hashem grant you and your organization the Koach and ability to continue in your Avodas Hakodesh. May we all see nachas and bring Nachas to the Rebona Shel Olam.

Freilichan Chanukah,

Mrs. Yocheved Fischer

Be'er Hagolah InstitutesJudaic Studies Principal


Hi i just watched some videos you have put on your website, WOW you are doing great things and bringer klal yisroel closer together. WHAT A ZECHUS continue doing great things!!!!!!!!!!1

Yehudis Gruber

Norfolk, VA

Dear Traveling Chassidim,


I just wanted to thank you for coming to Norfolk. It was a beautiful Shabbos of unity and music.

Especially during this time, you really infused a feeling of connection of all Jews in this area.

I personally am grateful you came. It was especially meaningful to meet your wives and children.

I hope you will come back again.

Attached are some pictures I took.

Thank you again!

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