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Of Misconceptions and Matzah Balls

Jewish mothers and housewives of yore have a deep meaningful relationship with chicken soup as their ultimate identifier of comfort food. In Eastern Europe, it served as a staple for the main me

al especially on Shabbat and holiday. In addition,it was a commonfolk remedy, an ailment for every cure, and a balm for every bruised spirit. This Jewish penicillin was the classical utopian language of love.

Needless to say, all the fantastic recipes for chicken soup invented in European ghettos emigrated through Ellis Island along with their cooks.They have now been replicated and are bubbling on the stovetops of our contemporary Jewish homes.

Good soup also comes with many choices of accompaniments. The most popular of which is the infamous tasty, delicious, and conventional Jewish matzah ball library of books that outline the exact and specific ingredients required to get the ideal texture and scrumptious taste. Traditionally each mother would teach this technique to her offspring. It was a legendary acquisition. If you got it, itwas solely because your mother taught it to you. To date the method used for shaping has not changed. The matzah, egg and oil mixture are formed into balls with the best set of tools known to mankind.

If you haven’t tasted a matzah bal lyet, you have got to check out the authenticity of your Jewish lineage.

A few years ago, when travel without masks between states was still a common phenomenon group of Hassidim looking to reenact the beauty of Shabbos in the Shtetl invited some their Jewish brethren that were not yet so religiously inclined to their hometown in Monsey, NY. Their goal was to give them their first real exhilarating Shabbat experience by spendingan entire uplifting day together with them.

The atmosphere was jovial, exuberant and the spiritual loftiness tangible. As is custom with Hassidim there was an abundance of heartfelt singing and plenty of food to go around. The guests were bonding with a part of their souls that they had never dared to reach .Faces were aglow with emotion.

Suddenly, in the middle of serving the food one of the guests stormed out in a huff, all agitated. The hosts of the event were taken aback and pleaded with her to tell them what had transpired that caused her such frustration and anguish.

She reluctantly explained that she had been servedthe chicken soup. However, her plate was missing the coveted matzah ball and it bordered on discrimination. She felt slighted that the Hassidim were deliberately singling her out and refused to serve this to her because she was not yet leading a religiously committed lifestyle as they were.

Suffice to say the Rabbi immediately gave up on his soup and the rest of his meal. It took him more time to break that misconception for her than it took to continue serving the rest of the meal to the remaining 100 guests.

Ever since that mishap the Hassidic group hasem barked on a mission to demystify the grave misconception of their non-observant Jewish brothers and sisters.

Every Jewish soul is a precious diamond. That virtue alone entitles you to a regal welcome - regardless of your religious affiliation. Being born a Jew in essence means that you have royal blood coursing through your veins. It makes you a member of the same First Family where acceptance is unconditional. Hassidic hearts have always been wide open with ample room for all of Hashem’s children to step inside.

So, if your thoughts or actions are not completelyaligned with your true heritage but you are indeed Jewish you are invited to: “come on in”.

You will find a hot bowl of steaming chicken soup with mouthwateringmatzah balls waiting for you.

Are you ready to develop a taste?

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